Bitcoin back to $44K. 15min rectangle break!

Bitcoin is up +5% today from yesterday. Back to $44K. It finally bottomed out and turned over.

If you look at it in 15 minutes, you can see the latest pattern.


Bitcoin is bullish on the 15min

Today’s Bitcoin is very easy to understand if you look at it in 15 minutes bar. Bitcoin was difficult to enter because the charts formed a triple top. However, it rose as soon as the chart was denied.

Bitcoin today is in the form of a typical bullish rectangle chart in 15 minutes. Bitcoin charts move obediently in the form of royal road patterns.

Rectangle up

Bitcoin is a bearish expansion triangle in 4 hours

I think Bitcoin is long in the short term. However, it is short in the long.


The shape of this chart is the shape of an extended triangle with a pattern that goes up and then goes down.

Triangle expand

In the future, I think you need to be careful when it rises to the vicinity of the upper line. I think the borderline is about $50,000 to $51000.


What is the impact of China’s Evergrande Group?

Looking at various news, it has not been resolved yet. Therefore, you may need to be careful not to float in a short-term rise. It is necessary to check the price movements of stocks and other stocks in the future, but the price range of the collapse of the management problems of the Evergrande Group may have been limited.

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