【2022/1/19】Bitcoin dropped to $ 41282. It changed to the new moon, so I bought 1BTC

2022-1-19 BTC

Bitcoin is in the midst of a downtrend. However, on January 19th, it was a new moon (at UTC0). I practice the anomaly of buying in the new moon and selling in the full moon. Bitcoin went down to the $ 4,200 level, so I bought 1BTC. I wrote it in the article.


BTC 1H chart

Bitcoin will drop once just before the new moon with a high probability. And it goes up in the new moon.

This is because many people practice “buy in the new moon and sell in the full moon.” Especially in Europe.

2022-1-19 BTC

Looking at 1H chart, it is a clear downtrend. It’s a difficult chart movement.

About moon phase trading

Recently, I am practicing buying in the new moon and selling in the full moon. Details are summarized in the following article. If you want to know more, please see.

Does the full moon trading strategy work?. The result was profitable I made a Full moon trading strategy MT4 EA. I need to devise a little, but I made a lot of money. I explained this in detail in the article. 【What is Moon T...

I bought 1 BTC at the bottom price

It was a difficult time, but I bought 1 BTC. I plan to sell it in a week.

It often plummets before the new moon and peaks once a week later.


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