Does the full moon trading strategy work?. The result was profitable

I made a Full moon trading strategy MT4 EA. I need to devise a little, but I made a lot of money. I explained this in detail in the article.


What is Moon Trading Strategy ?.

The moon phase trade that I tried for EA this time is an anomaly that buys in the new moon(GMT) and sells in the full moon.

What is the currency that the moon phase anomaly works for?

Before I made EA, I researched the currencies that this anomaly works for.

USDJPY doesn’t work

The gray ● is the new moon 3 days ago, and the black ● is the new moon. The yellow circle is 3 days before the full moon, and the orange circle is the full moon.

Looking at it this way, it doesn’t seem to work. It feels like the movement of the moon phase doesn’t really matter.

GOLD works

The moon phase, which you buy in the new moon and sell in the full moon, works. After the full moon, it plunges a little, which is the same movement as Bitcoin.

GOLD full moon

Nikkei (JP225) also works

It also works in Nikkei. I think it will work if you buy it 3-4 days before the new moon and sell it 3 days before the full moon.


What if I make an EA?

Rule is simple.

Buy at new moon. Sold at full moon. But it doesn’t work.

When I programmed and backtested on MT4, the result was that my assets were steadily decreasing.

I think this anomaly is something that everyone knows. Since people’s thoughts intersect, there are many movements to deceive.


I summarized the results of my backtesting.

  • In many cases, it crashes 3 to 4 days before the new moon.
  • From 3 to 4 days before the new moon, the price tends to rise toward the lighting of the new moon.
  • Prices tend to plummet immediately after the new moon lights up
  • It often falls after the full moon lights up.
  • The peak is often 3-4 days before the full moon.
  • If you stick to the full moon, you will lose

Trade Strategy

I think that if you buy a new moon obediently and sell a full moon, you will fail. The point is how to incorporate these into the source code. As a point, make an early gimmick.

I tried various things and summarized the successful results.

  • Buy 3-4 days before the new moon and sell in the new moon
  • Buy 3-4 days before the new moon and sell 3-4 days before the full moon

Backtest Results

The result of backtesting, including the matters that solved the problem.

Still, it was a good result for me to make it.

I emphasized lowering the profit factor and drawdown rather than the winning percentage.

Sorry. Japanese MT4.

Profitfactor 1.94


At one point, in the back test, the profit factor was 5.01, which was a fairly good result, but as a result of increasing the trading frequency, it fell. The balance around here is difficult.

Summary of the results of this anomaly

I am trading on this EA. The results are pretty good.

Someday, I will summarize it in an article.

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